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Gen IV technology delivers OEM quality climate control. Enjoy true b-level, infinity adjustable comfort in your classic car. This high quality evaporator system can handle the largest sedan or wagon.

Control Panels sold separately.

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This Gen IV Magnum Series features:

  • Fully electronic operation - no cables or vacuum controls
  • Micro-processor controlled coil temperature monitor. No capillary tube to install.
  • Separate high capacity heat and cool coils
  • Aluminum plate/fin A/C coil
  • Copper/brass cuprobrase parallel flow heater coil
  • In full A/C mode air by passes heater core resulting in less restriction and increase airflow
  • Blend air door for instant temperature adjustment
  • Infinite das/floor air blend
  • Infinite defrost/floor air blend with dedicated defrost
  • Variable speed blower motor
  • Positive shut off solenoid operated heater control valve in max A/C
  • Multiple control panels options
  • Unique shape allows fitment in vehicles with high transmission tunnels and stepped firewalls i.e. '50's through '80 models 

Gen IV Magnum System comes complete with:

  • Evaporator and mounting brackets
  • Wiring harness
  • Electric solenoid heater control valve
  • A/C duct hoses
  • Drain kit
  • Defrost hoses and ducts
  • Picture instructions
Gen IV Control Panel Options





Pick one of these control panel options to complete your new setup.



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