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All Kits Include the Necessary Components for Installation.

Deluxe Kits: Original Harness - Coupler/Shaft/Rag Joint/4-Way Flasher Kit
Deluxe Kits: Aftermarket Harness - Coupler/Shaft/Rag Joint

Econo Kits: Original Harness - Coupler/4-Way Flasher Kit
Econo Kits: Aftermarket Harness - Coupler Only

- *U-Joint/Shaft/Rag Joint
- **U-Joint/Telescoping Shaft/Vibration Joint


chevy truck install kit

Individual Kit Components
A: Coupler - (3/4"-36 Spline x 3/4" DD) Use the coupler to connect the intermediate shat to the ididit column. Included in all '60-'66 Econo Kits.

B: Modified Shaft - When using the Econo Kit the shaft will need to be modified as shown in Drawing B. Necessary in all '60-'66 Econo Kits.

C: Intermediate Shaft: - Kits could include either a 3/4"DD Shaft, a Collapsible Shaft or a Telescoping Shaft depending on the application. Either can be trimmed to the proper length, installed between the appropriate rag joints, u-joints, vibration joint or couplers then locked into position with set screws. The DD shape allows a safe way to replace your old intermediate shaft. Included in all Deluxe Kits.

D: Rag Joint - A vibration reducer used between the intermediate shaft and gearbox. Included in all Deluxe Kits.
1960 - '72
Manual - (3/4"DD x 3/4"-30 Spline) - 3000054931
Manual - (3/4"DD x 3/4"-36 Spline) - 3000053449
Power - (3/4"DD x 13/16"-36 Spline) - 3000054940

E: Universal Joint (U-Joint) - A U-joint is necessary to connect the intermediate shaft and the column on 1967-'78 trucks. A coupler cannot be used due to the angle of the column and intermediate shaft. Included in '67-'78 Deluxe Kits.

F: Vibration Joint - A vibration joint is used when an angle is present in your steering set-up and the need to reduce the vibration felt from the gearbox.
1973 - '76 - (3/4"DD x 13/16"-36 Spline)
1977 - '78 - (3/4"DD x 3/4" - 30 Spline)

G: 4-Way Flasher Kit - This wiring kit is used to adapt your stock wiring to the ididit column. Adding the safety of a 4-way flasher gives the option that never was. Included in columns for the '67-'78 Chevy Trucks.

1960-'62 - 3100037616
1963-'66 - 3100037618