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Dakota Digital 1978-82 Corvette VHX Series

The Dakota Digital VHX series design is a direct bolt-in upgrade for the 1978-82 Chevy Corvette instrument panel.  The six analog instrument combined with three LCD message centers keep the drive up-to-date.  Use with the stock instrument housings for a straight-forward installation without cutting a classic.

Available In:

  • Carbon Fiber
    Blue & Red Lighting
  • Black Alloy
    Blue, Red & White Lighting
  • Silver Alloy
    Blue, Red & White Lighting

0-160 MPH - DIRECT FIT - Original Bezel Required


Dakota Digital 1978-82 Corvette VHX Series

          Carbon Fiber                                 Silver Alloy                                           Black Alloy

Dakota Digital VHX 1978-32 Vette Controls





VHX Series solid-state sensors:

  • Oil Pressure - 1/8 NPT w/bushings 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" NPT, 12mm, 16mm
  • ?Water Temperature - 1/8 NPT w/bushings 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" NPT, 12mm, 16mm
  • Speed Sensor - converts mechanical speedometer cable into electric (when necessary)
  • 12 foot harnesses with weather-tight connections
  • 2 pushbutton switches for initial setup and scrolling LCD message center displays


Speedometer          ·0 -160 MPH (optional metric version 0- 255 km/h)     

Tachometer             ·0- 8,000 RPM                               

Oil Pressure            ·0- 80 psi                           

Water Temp            ·100- 260ºF (optional metric version 40- 120ºC)                                 

Fuel Level               ·E, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, F                           

Voltmeter                ·9- 17 VDC                          

Lighting: ·Back lit technology is popular with performance instrumentation due to precise lighting allowing you see what is truly important when you really need it at a quick glance. Each number, tick mark, annunciator, needle, indicator and digital

Standard Displays:  ·Odometer (One time user settable, Million Mile)·Dual (A/B) Trip Meter (0- 9,999.9)·Clock (12 hour)                          

Performance Meters: ·0- 60 MPH Timer (0- 100 kmh)·1/4 mile time·1/4 mile end speed (trap speed)·High speed recall·High RPM recall                        

Gauges: ·Speedometer (0- 255 MPH/kmh)·Tachometer (0- 9,990 RPM)·Oil Pressure (0-100 psi displayed in 1 psi increments)·Water Temperature (100- 300ºF/ 40- 150ºC displayed in 1 ºF/ºC increments)·Voltmeter (9- 17 VDC)·Fuel Level (0-99% full)                             

Lighting: ·Auto-contrasting LCD display for optimal view in the brightest of sunlight.·LED backlit at night to match/ complete the look at night.                        

Built-in Indicators                                     

Indicators:  ·Turn Signals (Left/ Right)·High Beam·Check Engine·Parking Brake·Cruise Control (On/ On & Engaged when vehicle is equipped)·Gear Position (Optional GSS-2000 sensor required)·4 x 4 (When vehicle is equipped)·Wait to Start (When vehicle is equipped)