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Dakota Digital GPS Speed/Compass Sender/BIM


This Dakota Digital GPS Speed/Compass Sender/BIM when used with the VFD3, VHX, HDX instrument system, a simple connection to the control box adds accurate Speed information, Compass heading, Altimeter data, and automatic Clock syncing, all with fully automatic calibration. No DIP switches, no guessing, no inaccuracies. 

Want to use the GPS-50-2 to activate a cruise control system? A cruise control system requires a great deal of resolution and accuracy, so adding the 600042 external antenna will allow you to optimize the antenna mounting, while placing the GPS-50-2 receiver anywhere you like.

The GPS-50-2 is fully compatible with other aftermarket electronic speedometers. Offering a user selectable output of 4k, 8K, 16K PPM signals and a selectable signal type of Sine Wave or Square Wave the flexibility is endless.  The GPS-50-2 is not designed to control a shift computer or shift pattern of the transmission, it is capable of supplying a 54,400 or 128K PPM signal to supply an ECM to ease some of those unique transmission swaps.

GPS-50-2 measures:

  • 4-3/4" x 2-3/4" x 1"
  • Covered by 2 year warranty

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Dakota Digital External Antenna

Dakota Digital External Antenna to be used with the GPS-50-2 when using cruise control.