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bby (3)





As you can see the front clip fits nice and snug.

bby (4)





A nice close up of the top grill shell.

bby (5)





As you can see we still have some issues with the way the hood fits.

bby (6)





 Here is another view of our hood fitting issues.

bby (7)





Here you can see the gaps on both sides of the hood that have to be filled.

bby (8)





Here is a front view of the hood to show you the radius fitting issues.

bby (9)





We used tape to mock up were the hood sides would go. 

bby (10)





Here's a look at the other side.

bby (11)





Before we put the hood sides in place we will have to make a new reveal on the bottom edge of the car. This will make for a smoother look win it is all done.

bby (12)





To prepare to make the new reveal we will have to cut out some fiberglass on the bottom of the car. 

bby (13)





Here is another look at the piece we cut out.

bby (14)





Jaysun is preparing the sides of the front bottom cowl to start fiberglassing.

bby (15)





Here is another look at Jaysun fiberglassing the front bottom cowl. 

bby (16)





After Jaysun is done fiberglassing the sides he will start the sanding and shaping process to make are new reveals. 

bby (17)





After some sanding you can start seeing a little bit of the reveal take its shape. 

bby (18)





All sanded and shaped and looking good.

bby (19)





Time to put the Carolina Custom hood hinges in place.

bby (20)





Another view of the nice hood hindges.

bby (21)





Time to place the hood in position.

bby (22)





 We've cut a hole for the hood release.

bby (23)





Here's a look at the hood release from the inside of the car.

bby (24)





Time to start cutting out the custom hood sides.