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bby (25)





After the hood sides are cut out we do a trial fit.

bby (26)





As you can see we need to make a reveal on the hood to match the one on the car.

bby (27)





Just some front-end fitting issues that will have to be taken care of.

bby (28)





Here's another look from a different angle.

bby (29)





A look from the inside.

bby (30)





Another look from the inside.

bby (31)





Nice side view of the inside.

bby (32)





We put the reveal on the bottom of the hood to match up with the reveal on the car. This will make for one smooth look. 

bby (33)





Here's a nice side view of the hood, just about finished.

bby (34)





The hood reveal is coming along and ready for the finishing touches. 

bby (35)





We roll primed the lower part of the fire wall reveal.

bby (36)





As you can see we got all those gaps nice and tight. 

bby (37)





A little filler and some sanding to smooth out the hood. 

bby (38)





Time for some roller primer.

bby (39)





Here's a look at the hood all put together just before we roll prime the whole thing.

bby (40)





Nice top view of the hood.

bby (42)





The hood is completely finished and roll primed to prevent rusting.

bby (43)





Sanding the bottom front of the grill shell smooth.

bby (44)





Here's another look from the other side.

bby (45)





Look how nice and even that reveal turned out.

bby (46)





Time to start on the rear roll pan that we have manufactured.

bby (47)





Roll pan fitted and fiberglassed into place.