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We welded brackets on the gas tank to hold it in place in the car. 

lingling (1)





Here is another view of the tank and brackets.  

lingling (2)





Gas tank is installed.

lingling (3)





 Close up of the gas tank bolted up to the inside bracket. 

lingling (5)





Marking holes for the fill tube.

lingling (6)





  Here's a picture of the fill tube installed.

lingling (7)





We had to use a rubber tube to close the gap between the gas tank and the filler cap.

lingling (9)





Another look at the gas tank fully installed.

lingling (10)





We put the front end back on to prepare for the grill shell.

lingling (11)





Before we put the grill shell in we have to make sure that the front end fits together correctly.

lingling (12)





Here is a driver side view of the hood and hood sides fitted together. 

lingling (13)





The gaps are looking good on the cowl.

lingling (14)





Here's a picture before the grill is inserted.

lingling (15)





The grill has been installed.

lingling (17)





The radiator has arrived.

lingling (19)





The grill and grill shell were installed back on the car and are waiting for the new radiator. 

bbe (1)





Brackets were welded to the radiator to help hold the radiator in place on the frame.

bbe (2)





Radiator and grill shell installed.

bbe (4)





Here you can see how the radiator bolts to the frame. 

bbe (5)





Mr. Billingsley wanted louvered hood sides.

bbe (7)





The louvered hood sides really give this car a great look.