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bbe (10)





Time to install the windshield wipers.

bbe (11)





Here's a look at the outside.

bbe (12)





A smaller '39 Ford style tail light from Hi-Tech Brake Lights is what we're going to use for the rear tail lights on this '34 Ford.

bbe (13)





We had to cut access holes to get the rear brake lights to work. 

bbe (14)





Another view.

bbe (15)





The rear brake light holes are fiberglassed into place.

bbe (17)





Rear brake lights are installed.

bbe (18)





Here you can see that the hidden license plate is working.

bbe (19)





We had to put a lip back on the trunk lid so we used a cardboard template to get the shape we wanted.

bbe (20)





A piece of fiberglass was cut out from the template we used above.

bbe (21)





Tim is now fiberglassing the trunk lip in place.

bbe (23)





All done and ready for filler and sanding.






The cowl needed to be sanded down to make it even with the hood.

billib (1)





Here's a view from the front.

billib (2)





A look at the passenger side.

billib (3)





After we sanded the cowl down it was time to start working on the cowl lips.

billib (5)





We used filler to fill in the rough spots on the cowl lip.

billib (7)





The filler on the cowl lip was sanded smooth.

billib (9)





The body had some mold seams that needed to be smoothed out.

billib (12)





The back window mold seams needed to be removed also.

billib (13)





As you can see the the top had a mold seam that needed to be removed as well.