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ball (3)





Carolina Custom three piece hood tacked in place.

ball (4)





Passenger side hood installed, sanded smooth and ready for prime.

ball (5)





Driver side hood installed, sanded smooth and ready for primer.

ball (7)





Hood and hood sides primed.

ball (8)





View from the front.

ball (9)





Third brake light cut out of body.

ball (10)





View of third brake light from the outside.

ball (11)





A view from farther back.

ball (12)





The deck lid sill is crooked and needs to be fixed. 

ball (13)





Here you can see how far off the rear deck lid sill is.

ball (15)





This is the molding we used to make the new rear deck lid sill.

ball (16)





New rear sill fiberglassed and ready for installation.

ball (18)





Old deck lid sill is removed.   

ball (19)





New deck lid rear sill fiberglassed in place.

ball (21)





A view from the rear of the rear deck sill.

ball (27)





Rear of body primed.

ball (29)





A rear view of the car.

ball (30)





Body primed and ready to go.

ball (34)





The transmission cover was removed to make room for the new transmission. 

ball (36)





Beginning to make the mold for new tunnel.

ball (37)





Another view.

ball (38)





Tunnel formed off the mold.