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koopman (1)





All the rust has been replaced on the body so now it is time for the motor to be mocked up in place.

koopman (2)





Motor is in place and ready for the body to be mounted on the frame.

koopman (3)





The frame is rolled under the body so the body can be put in place on the frame.






The body is close to being put on the frame.


koopman - 3 (3)





Here is what an original top looks like without the factory cloth top on it.


koopman - 3 (4)





The old top was made of cloth and vinyl and chicken wire. This was all removed so we could start making a new custom steel top.

koopman - 3 (5)





A template was made for the top of the car.

koopman - 3 (9)





After the sheet metal was cut out, Gary rolled the metal to give the top its shape. Then he ground all the corners smooth.

koopman - 3 (6)





Some wood shims were put on the wood ribs. This gives the top its rounded shape.

koopman - 3 (7)





After the top was put in the right place, it was time to start tack welding it to the top of the body.

koopman - 3 (8)





We had to stitch weld the whole top slowly to prevent any warping.

koopman - 3 (1)





The top is all done being welded.

koopman - 3 (2)





Gary and Jaysun did a great job.

koop-man-2 (8)





Time for some body work.

koop-man-2 (11)





We had to put just a little body filler on the cowl. 

koop-man-2 (12)





Cowl is sanded smooth and ready for primer.

koop-man-2 (3)





The inside of the grill shell needed some smoothing over.

koop-man-2 (4)





The outside of the grill shell is all smoothed out and ready for primer.

koop-man-2 (2)





The deck lid is all ready for primer too.

koop-man-2 (1)





Here is the under side of the deck lid getting prepped.