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koop-man-2 (23)





We found some bad brassing on the hood that needed to be fixed.

koop-man-2 (13)





We torched all the brass and lead off the hood so we could replace the bad parts of the hood with good metal.

koop-man-2 (19)





All the bad metal was cut away so it could be replaced with new metal.

koop-man-2 (18)





Here's a picture of the hood patching we did.

koop-man-2 (17)





We had to grind both sides smooth to make the hood look right.

koop-man-2 (20)





Look how much better that looks compared to lead or brass.

koop-man-2 (21)





All bad spots are gone and the hood will be ready for paint.

koopman-4 (9)





All the body work has been done and the frame is ready to be removed from the body.

koopman-4 (15)





Frame is getting prepped for some primer.

koopman-4 (19)





The frame is primed and ready to go.

koopman-4 (12)





The body is prepped and primed too.

koopman-4 (13)





After removing the doors and deck lid from the body it's time for body work on door jambs and trunk lip.

koopman-4 (2)





All the doors were hung and primed too.

koopman - 4 (6)





We even primed the inside of the doors to prevent any rust build up from happening.

koopman - 4 (21)





After the body and doors are all primed it is time to put the frame back together.

koopman-5 (1)





Koopman wanted a Cadillac 50's style breather to go on his car.






Time to install the motor in the frame. 

koopman-6 (1)





Looks like a nice fit.

koopman-6 (2)





Here is a view of the motor from the front.