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koopman-6 (3)





After the frame was painted it was time to start installing the break lines.

koopman-6 (4)





The fuel pump is installed.

koopman-6 (5)





The fuel filter is installed.

koopman-6 (6)





Before the fuel lines were run.

koopman-6 (7)





After the fuel lines were run.

koopman-6 (8)





We need to check the fit of the fuel tank on the frame before we start to paint it.

koopman-6 (9)





Fuel tank is prepped and ready for the primer process.

koopman-6 (10)





Fuel tank primed and ready to go.

koopman-6 (11)





The body is ready for paint after we smoothed it down one last time.

koopman-6 (14)





We have to paint the body and all body parts at the same time to make sure everything comes out the same color. 

koopman-6 (15)





Here is a picture of the driver side after the final coat of paint was put on.

koopman-6 (18)





Bottom windshield molding getting prepped for paint.

koopman-6 (19)





Top windshield frame prepped for paint.

koopman-6 (20)





Upper windshield frame painted.

koopman-6 (22)





Inner window door garnishing painted and ready to be installed.

koopman-6 (24)





Fuel tank installed.

koopman-6 (25)





Fuel lines installed. 

koopman-6 (27)





1932 stock radiator shell bezel, emblem and cap installed.

kioopman-6 (28)





Since the stock radiator cap could not be used, we permanently mounted it by fabricating a metal brace.