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Roby Roberts S10

S10 Project | If ya ain't first, yer last

Heya everybody! We are going to be updating this page in stages as we work thru this project. This will give you the chance to see this whole thing come together in real time. Our team here at Street Rods by Michael is committed to taking as many photos as we can to really give our fans and followers alike a pretty cool view of what we do and a few of the hiccups we encounter with any custom build.

Read on and enjoy.

Stage 1 | Bring it on!

Our goal is to explain as best we can without rambling on about this project and the steps we take to get it going. Hover your mouse over any of the images for a caption of that photo to show up that explains the image.

This 2000 Chevy S-10 was picked up in Ohio for our client, Roby Roberts. In the early pictures you can see we have quite a bit of work on our hands to transform this mouse into a beast.

Once we had it a little apart we came into some initial issues with the tightness of the alternator and the AC so we had to utilize some new brackets from LSX Concepts.

After removing the motor and transmission we decided we were gonna run with a Holley Oil Pan to deal with clearance issues. You can see in the images the new Sump hooked in to utilize the Oil Pan from Holley.

As we worked on er a bit more, we got the heater box, A/C booster and steering column removed. While doing this we discussed our options for the Radiator and decided we would order one in from Superior Radiators with a Shroud. Usually we fabricate our own shrouds but this one came with one! We did end up having to fab up a new neck on the radiator to accommodate the build.

Oh and of course we had to get a fan from our buddies over at GC Hi-Performance Fans as simply put they are the best on the market and will happily cool this LSA motor just fine.

Stage 2 | Suspension and more!

This s10 is really starting to come along. In this phase of the build we will focus on the Ridetech Suspension components we are putting in along with the engine bay enhancements.

One of the first things we did was take the existing headers out in stage 1 and in stage 2 you can see that we got them back in fitting properly.

We also worked heavily on all the modifications needed to fit the Vintage Air Condenser in and putting the lines thru the core support. We installed the needed new brackets for the AC Compressor onto the frame as well.

Ridetech makes some amazing products and we are going to utilize them for this build big time. The front suspension is getting a massive overhaul with new RideTech StrongArms and Coil Over Shocks. This s10 is also getting a new front swaybar which is fully installed now along with new lower A Arms. This project is gonna be a smooth ride.

We haven't installed it just yet but the new electric brake system from ABS Power Brakes also arrived.

Watch for more updates soon!!!

Stage 3 | Changes a Coming!

Coming Soon!!! We will post on our social media channels when the update is ready for viewing. Hoping you enjoyed the build so far and be sure to let us know on our facebook page or message us at if you have any questions.

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