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Check out the new exhaust tips.

ab (2)





Exhaust tips are put in place just before we remove the body and prepare to paint the frame.

ab (3)





Since the motor is so big we have to expand the fire wall just a little.

ab (4)





A small corner of the firewall is cut out to help with the expansion. 

ab (5)





A fiberglass corner is made to fill the hole.

ab (6)





Hole is filled with the fiberglass corner.

ab (8)





View form the front of the firewall.

ab (9)





The new corners are fiberglassed in place.

ab (10)





Frame is prepped and ready for primer.

ab (11)





Frame is primed.

ab (12)





A base coat is put on the frame.

ab (13)





Frame is painted.

ab (14)





Looks like a pretty good match!

ab (15)





The doors had some serious cracks that needed to be fixed before we primed them.

ab (16)





Body parts primed.

ab (17)





Door primed.

ab (18)





Hood primed.

ab (19)





Trunk lid primed.

ab (20)





Firewall primed.

ab (21)





Door jams are getting prepped for filler.

ab (22)





Filler is used to help smooth out the door jams.

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