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bby (48)





Here is a look from the outside at the roll pan being attached. 

bby (49)





The roll pan is being fiberglassed on the inner seam.

bby (50)





More fiberglassing on the inner seam.

bby (51)





 Some filler to start smoothing out the rough edges.

bby (52)





Filler was put on the inner seams too.

bby (53)





After some sanding the roll pan is starting to take shape. 

bby (55)





Here's a rear view of the roll pan after some sanding and shaping.

bby (56)





Almost done.  One more light coat of filler and some more sanding and shaping.

bby (57)





The roll pan is really taking shape.






Roll prime time.  

yy (1)





We roll primed the roll pan to seal all the filler together.

yy (2)





Here is a nice view under the car.

yy (3)





We even roll primed a little bit on the sides.

yy (4)





Here is a look from the top side before we roll primed the roll pan.

yy (6)





Top view of roll pan primed.

yy (7)





The roll pan is all smoothed out and finished.






Getting ready to install the fuel cap.

sly (2)





We cut a tear drop hole in the body to match the tear drop flip up cap. 

sly (3)





We put the flip up gas cap in place and bound it to the inside of the car.

sly (4)





To make the cap even with the body we put some filler on it.

sly (6)





Here is a close look at the under side of the filler flip up cap after it was bound in place.